“Instant acceleration”, “full torque available at 0 RPM”, and “yipee!” have all been said when describing how EVs are more enjoyable to drive than their gas equivalents. When heading up one of Idaho’s hills or mountains, you may also enjoy the fixed gearbox that can silently maintain your speed without the lurching movement and revving associated with a gas vehicle shifting into a lower gear. When heading down the other side, energy is reclaimed by regenerative braking:  using the electric motor “backwards” to generate power while slowing your vehicle, returning that power to the battery.

Commuting is also more enjoyable: many EVs offer a “scheduled departure” setting that automatically defrosts and warms your car in the winter, or cools it in the summer before your trip.

“My EV is quick, quiet, smooth, and smart. I could wax poetic about each of these, but my EV is a joy to drive and I can’t imagine driving any other.  The acceleration is so smooth that I don’t realize how fast I’m going; the car manages my speed per my chosen settings. I can quickly move out of a problem situation, because the acceleration is so quick. Longs trips have required far less of my driver energy, because the car is doing most of the driving, lane following, and traffic-aware speed control. And with radar and cameras, the car adds an extra layer of protection and makes parking in tight spaces easier.

Lisa, Telsa Model 3 Owner

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